Playback Options

Repeat playback times
Specifies the play times.

Initial play speed
The initial speed level of playing, the speed can be changed dynamically during the playing by the instruction "Adjust Speed".

Specify Initial variable values
Specifies the initial value to the variables. Multiple variables may be specified by separating entries with the character &. If you specify multiple values to a variable, the last value will be used, for example: v_var1=123&v_var1=567&v_var1=88, the value of the variable v_var1 will be 88.

Show progress window
Specifies the progress window whether to show during playback.

Dodge mouse pointer
Specifies whether automatically to dodge mouse pointer, if so, when the mouse pointer moves over the progress window, the progress window will move to dodge the mouse pointer. You may take the option to ensure the mouse click action to perform correctly on the right window, otherwise, the progress window may be clicked unexpectedly.

Emulation level
Specifies the emulation level. The hardware level emulation will bypass the protection of the most of games.

User session and Auto-logon

Specify the user session in which the macro would be launched if there are many users logged in Windows. It can be one of following:

  • Always play this macro on the console
  • Play macro in the session of specified user if it's logged on
  • Play macro in any session

If no user is logged on or the workstation is locked, Macro Service can also issume an auto-logon task for entering the desktop.

User for auto-logon

Specifies a user for auto-logon. If "Any user account" is selected, the auto-logon routine first attempts to get the user name from the current logon screen, and then searches for the corresponding password in the user list.

For more information, please refer to Auto-logon.

After playing the macro

Specifies an action to perform after playing the macro, the action can be one of the following:

  • Do nothing.
  • Back to the previous state.
  • Lock the workstation.
  • Logoff.