Window Trigger

Triggers a macro when a window created, closed, activated, or deactivated.


  • Launch macro when a window is

    Specifies which window event should be monitored, it could be "Opened", "Closeed", "Activated" or "Deactivated".

  • Window title must be

    Specifies the title of the windows to monitor.

  • Window class name must be

    Specifies the class name of the windows to monitor. The class name is specified in the application for indicating a kind of the window. For example, all instances of Windows Notepad have a same class name "Notepad".

  • Match whole words

    Specifies whether to match the text exactly.

  • Delay to check window

    If enabled, specifies to delay checking the window. This option can wait a window which changes the title when a document is loaded.

  • Trigger once when window is first opened

    With this option checked, only the first opening action will be triggered, and the subsequent opening will be ignored.


  • When a window event occurs, the watcher will pass the handle value of the matched window to Macro Player. You could use the handle value to perform some tasks, such as maximizing the window, minimizing the window. To retrieve the window handle value, use the global variable window_watcher_hwnd in your macro.

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