The tool bar of the macro list

The tool bar provides a quick access to Macro Expert's common features which are used to manipulate the macros.

Plays the selected macro, it will open a dialog to prompt you determining some parameters for playing.
Plays the selected macro quickly, it is different from the Play, this will play the macro using the predetermined parameters without opening the play option dialog before playing.
Loads the data of macro into the script editor for editing.
Rerecord the selected macro, the original scripts will be overwritten with the new content when you finish the recording.
Open a dialog for changing macro's properties.
Views the playing log of the macro.
Deletes the macro if it is no longer needed.
Disables the selected trigger, macro or menu item. A disabled macro will not be launched (replayed) automatically by trigger, scheduler and hotkey. A disabled menu item will not be appeared in the systray menu.
Enables the disabled macro, trigger or menu item.