Use Macro Expert for

Automating Tasks

Unlock your productivity potential with the process recorder. Creating an automation script has never been easier! With just a few clicks, you can streamline your workflow and save valuable time.

Powerful and Intuitive Scripting

Without complex concepts or jargon

No coding skills are required to use Macro Editor. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, creating complex scripts is easy and straightforward. With over 300 actions and functions available, users can simply add the required steps. This makes it possible for anyone to start using Macro Expert swiftly and effortlessly.

Unattended RPA

Runs automation that works on its own.

Unattended tasks can be executed on any computer without needing human supervision. They are ideal for completing long-running or monitoring tasks that require little to no human interaction. With Macro Expert's Unattended Mode, you can automate these tasks on any computer, freeing up valuable time and resources. Once the conditions of triggers or schedules are met, Macro Expert will execute the tasks accurately and reliably.

I never realized how much easier my work could be until I started using Macro Expert. Its drag-and-drop interface made creating scripts a breeze, and it accurately performed the tasks I assigned to it. I'm impressed with how much time and effort it saves me each day.

- Jane Doe

Multi-Location Techniques for Accessing UI Elements

UI element location accuracy is crucial in RPA software. As automation tasks are often performed through user interfaces, accurate identification and interaction with elements like buttons, text boxes, and drop-down menus is necessary. Failure to accurately locate these elements can lead to errors and task failure. Macro Expert solves this with robust multi-locating techniques to prevent locating failures.

Not Just for New Systems

Unleashing the Power of Automation

Macro Expert never gives up on legacy systems, ensuring that they too can enjoy the benefits of automation. We not only support the latest Windows 11, but also Windows XP, the latest Chrome and even the ancient Internet Explorer 7. We've got you covered no matter what your system is!

Windows 11, Newest Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Macro Expert supports the latest operating systems, including Windows 11, and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. This ensures that users can run automation smoothly and efficiently on their updated systems, providing a seamless experience for their automation needs.

Windows XP

There are still some systems that use XP. Especially for some old industrial control systems and medical devices, upgrading to a newer operating system is not easy due to cost and other factors.

Internet Explorer 7 or 8

Especially for some older applications used by businesses and government organizations, they may require specific versions of Internet Explorer to run.

Robust Functionality with Compact Package

While many software developers today prioritize functionality over resource conservation, we believe that minimizing bandwidth and disk space usage remains important. Our products are designed with efficiency in mind, ensuring they are lightweight and easy to manage. Macro Expert's installation package is under 20MB in size and occupies no more than 100MB of disk space, allowing for quick downloads in just 3 seconds with a fast internet connection.

What industries can benefit from using Macro Expert?

Macro Expert helps various industries to improve efficiency, and increase accuracy.


Automating tasks such as data entry, account reconciliation, customer onboarding, and fraud detection can increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction in the banking industry. Macro Expert helps banks comply with regulations by standardizing and streamlining processes across the organization.

Financial Services

Financial services companies can benefit from  automating tasks like data migration and reducing error risks. Macro Expert can also automate repetitive tasks such as data entry, account reconciliation, and report generation, resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs.

Health & Life Sciences

Automating tedious and repetitive tasks, such as data entry, can allow healthcare professionals to focus on more critical tasks. RPA tools such as Macro Expert can be particularly helpful in the healthcare industry, where there is a high volume of paperwork that needs to be processed quickly and accurately.


In the energy sector, RPA can automate manual tasks that include lead filtering, CRM updates, prospect research, and quote creation. This can help sales and marketing teams to reach more customers, build better relationships with clients, and unify processes across different geographies.

For individual studios with limited staff, Macro Expert can be a valuable asset for automating repetitive tasks and increasing efficiency. It can streamline project management, automate invoicing and payment processing, and improve communication with clients through automated email and chatbot responses. By leveraging RPA software, studios can work more efficiently and effectively, even with limited resources.

The manufacturing industry can greatly benefit from automating repetitive tasks and streamlining processes through the use of robotic process automation (RPA). Macro Expert can assist in areas such as inventory management, order processing, quality control, and supply chain management. A manufacturing company can use Macro Expert to increase productivity, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency, allowing them to attain a competitive advantage and enhance their bottom line.

Macro Expert is a valuable tool for the retail industry. It can automate inventory management by tracking stock levels and replenishing supplies as needed. Also, it streamlines order processing by automating tasks like data entry, order fulfillment, and shipping. Moreover, Macro Expert can enhance the customer experience by automating customer service tasks such as order tracking, returns processing, and resolving customer inquiries, which can improve customer satisfaction and retention rates, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

Macro Expert enables HR teams to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks such as resume screening, candidate scheduling, and onboarding. This not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of errors, allowing HR professionals to focus on more strategic and value-adding activities. Macro Expert can automate tasks that sending out interview reminders, follow-up emails, and feedback requests, ensuring that candidates are informed and engaged throughout the hiring process. 

A RPA software can be a game-changer for the insurance industry, helping to improve efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs. For instance, Macro Expert can streamline claims processing, automating tasks such as data entry, fraud detection, and payment processing. This not only saves time but also helps to reduce errors and ensure compliance with regulations.

Insurance companies can also use RPA to automate customer service, such as responding to claims inquiries and processing policy changes. This can free up agents to focus on more complex tasks, improving customer satisfaction and retention rates.

RPA has the potential to handle a vast array of transportation and logistics functions such as shipment tracking, order processing, and invoicing. By automating these processes, Macro Expert can help logistics companies reduce errors and improve operational efficiency, leading to cost savings and increased productivity. 

Frequently Asked Question

Macro Expert is a RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software. For simple tasks, it uses Macro Player to mimic human actions such as clicking, typing, and copying and pasting to automate tasks. For more complex tasks, Macro Player (bots) can interact with various applications, directly access databases, file systems, Excel documents, web browsers, and other systems to complete tasks efficiently.

The benefits of using Macro Expert include streamlined workflows, increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved accuracy, faster task completion times, and improved employee satisfaction.

Macro Expert can automate a wide range of tasks, including data entry, form filling, invoice processing, report generation, customer service, and more.

No, you do not need programming skills to use Macro Expert. Macro Expert is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create workflows without any coding.

No, Macro Expert is designed to work with your existing systems without requiring any modifications. It can automate tasks by interacting with your existing applications just like a human user would.

Macro Expert software itself is based on user-written scripts to perform tasks. It does not proactively access or modify data - this is determined by the user-written script. However, to ensure data security, users still need to carefully consider security issues when writing scripts. This may involve adding necessary security checks and protective measures to scripts to ensure there are no potential security vulnerabilities.

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