Uninstall Grass Software Studio's Programs

Step 1: Locate the Uninstaller

Open the Start menu in the lower left corner of your desktop. Select the All Programs menu item, then follow: Macro Expert >> Uninstall.

Note: In Windows 8 or later, the Uninstall tile may not be represented on the new Start screen. To access it, please right-click on any blank area of the screen, then click the All apps button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. All the programs installed on your PC will be displayed on the Apps screen.

Step 2: Launch Uninstaller

Just click Uninstaller botton to uninstall Grass Software Studio's product you installed.

Step 3: Finish uninstall process

Once you get a pop-up reminder, it means the product has already removed from your computer.
Attention: Starting from version 4.9.1, Uninstaller will only remove the program, your script files and related data files will not be deleted by Uninstaller. You need to manually delete them.